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01 This is how you will feel sexy with a couple of extra kilos Posted by: admin on 1st December 2016

Being fat may mean different things for different people. Some people are okay with how they are, but many think that being fat is a serious task for body, health, mind and soul. You may always notice that two words, ‘sexy’ and ‘fat’, are not used for one person. So if you are a fat lady, chances are thick that you will be considered unattractive.

But when it comes to being one of the horny BBW buddies for someone, your fatness should never come while you are riding with him on the bed. For this reason, we are penning this guide which will give you a couple of extra tricks and tips that will make you feel attractive and sexy even if you have gained a few extra kilograms.

Practise nudeness

Nudity is something that is natural and that should never become a matter of shame. Since Middle Ages, practising nakedness has freshness and beauty that remain unparalleled today as well. However, many fat people, especially ladies, feel uncomfortable with their body parts; that is when they prefer hiding these parts. You may even avoid facing the mirror if you are a bit conscious about your body. But it is a proven practice that if you spend time with yourself while being naked, you will feel the confidence and comfortableness coming to you.

Get close only if the person loves you not your body

Even if you are one of the horny BBW buddies, you want someone to love you and not just have lust for you. Have sex with a person who will appreciate you the way you are and not for your body. The worst can be to have sex with someone who really dislikes you because if you want to be serious, then you should not look for a mercy fuck. And even if you ignore our heeds and have intercourse with someone who dislikes your body and you as a person, then you will feel that each gram of your body weight is bringing shame.

Dress in a way that makes you feel attractive, comfortable and sexy

You should wear dresses that make you feel happy and comfortable. Buy clothes that make you feel good, hide your fat and even add a sexy twist to your overall persona. However, if you plan to deck up as a nightclub worker, then things will never work that way. If you are a heavyset, then you have to pick clothes that will not make you look weird.

So you have to follow each of the mentioned tips that will make you feel attractive and sexy despite your weight. The key point of sharing this write-up is to make you feel self-confident always.