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15 Reasons why some of the men in UK prefer to date heavy women Posted by: admin on 15th December 2016

Instead of preferring lean and leggy women, many men in UK prefer to date big beautiful women under stress. As per survey conducted among men of different age groups in UK, it was reported that many men under stress find horny BBW buddies extremely attractive.

When in stressful situations, they (men) tend to prefer beefier/heavier women as compared to their thinner counter. One of the reasons for this may be that the insecurity of men brings desire in them for protection from mother-looking mature big beautiful women. Some of the reasons why young men prefer to date to heavy big beautiful women are discussed in this post.

You can take her anywhere

Big beautiful women have very little or no sex life. So they aren’t just willing to do anything you want them to do. Also, BBW women are more than happy to go anywhere with you. Most of the big beautiful women really enjoy travelling with their lovers and don’t complain that the destination that you are going to is out of the way or is too hot.

Easy to talk to

Their ability to talk about anything in the most interesting manner possible makes dating heavy, bulk or fat girls really interesting. They can talk on a variety of topics that will keep young or old men from being bored. Through their talks, you can make out that they have made it a point to precisely focus on their personalities and brains instead of just their appearance.

Sex is very good

If you choose right sex position, it is reported that the sex with heavy women can be one of the most satisfying sex that these men have were had in their lifetime. You are just required to make use of their figure for attaining utmost pleasure and sexual satisfaction for both the sexual partners.

They are affectionate

Big women are considered to be very affectionate in a relationship as they love to cuddle and hug. In addition to this, their skin is very soft as compared to skinny girls that make hugging and cuddling them all the more fun and exciting.

They have a good sense of humour

Most of the big beautiful women do not shy or afraid to laugh even on jokes made on them. These beautiful heavy women are concerned about their appearances and have a very good sense of humour. Heavy women are not bothered about what they appear like when they laugh out loud. Many men in UK think that it makes horny BBW buddies more fun to be around with, due to the fact that they are not worried about their appearance when they enjoy a good laugh.