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05 Here’s How You Have Sex with a Big Beautiful Female Posted by: admin on 5th October 2016

Hey, have you read the sex column of any of the leading lifestyle magazines? If no, then let us fill you in on what’s the stuff printed there. These columns give you the dope on some of the best sex positions — and after reading them, you’ll think that these positions are only meant for skinny people and that you can’t try them because you’ve got a fat chick. But don’t get crestfallen because she’s big but beautiful.

Anyway, if your hook-up is chubby and cute, then don’t worry as we, through this post, will tell you that how you both can make out memorably. Let’s get started, now.

Set the mood, first.

Try scented candles, please; they actually work wonders. Also, you can even try sensual music because that’ll mentally prepare you both to have good sex. And if that is not all, then you may give her sensual lingerie made of satin; she can adorn that lingerie before you people go abed.

Try doggy style.

Doggie style is the best thing you both can try. No need to give those other-worldly sex positions a shot — don’t get disheartened thinking that what all sex positions you can’t try; rather, take pride in the fact that you can at least get laid with one of the BBW fuck buddies.

Be on the bed and nowhere else.

Let sex happen nowhere else but the bed. You may think of kitchen countertop or couch, but that’ll only spoil the mood. Your fuck buddy is beautiful and big, so don’t make sex awkward for her by forcing her to cram into a small space, such as that offered by a couch or a kitchen countertop. So the best option for you guys will be bed only.

So you’ve just read the finest scoop on making love to fat chick. She’s cute so never try to shatter her body confidence before, during or after your sex session.