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19 Best Sex Positions for Big Beautiful Women Posted by: admin on 19th January 2017

Big beautiful women with huge ass and big boobs, often find No String Attached (NSA) sexual relationship to be little uncomfortable and problematic in nature. When it comes to trying out new positions, their voluptuous figure is a main source of huge discomfort.

Women with huge back and weight often find themselves in every awkward position, during sexual encounters. Read out this blog to find out some of the sexual positions that you can try out with your BBW fuckbuddies.

Stand and Enjoy

Just because it require standing up, so most of the big beautiful women avoid having sex in this sexual position. If your BBW fuckbuddies is interested in having maximum & multiple orgasms, then it is considered to one of the best sex position for really fat women.

Fat women can use a piece of furniture to lean against, in this sexual position the fat woman stand on their tip toes. You can grab her onto the back her highs and hold them against your hips. So, you lift her up and down to ensure maximum clitoral stimulation.

This sex position for fat women truly satisfied her, just as the missionary sex but adding a sexy and exciting twist with it.


More than sex position, spooning can be considered as a cuddling technique.  She lies on her back with her back pressed against your front. Her body need to be pressed together; her legs can rest in top of each other in this sex position. You can easily each her g spot, in this sex position.

Doggy style

It is considered as one of the most popular sex position among NSA BBW fuck buddies in UK. This is a very classic sex position for very fat or big beautiful woman and work perfectly for women with a really huge ass. She has to get down her knees with her hands on the floor while you can comfortable fuck her from behind. This sex position ensures maximum clitoral stimulation and deep penetration that ensures multiple orgasms.

Apart from trying out the normal missionary you may try some of the other wild positions for streaming up your sex life.

Side wind

Your NSA BBW fuck buddies UK enjoy while you do the complicated work in this sexual positions. A fat woman lies on her side and raise one leg in this sex position, while keeping her leg straight on the bed. In this sexual position for fat women, you can straddle her bottom thigh and hugs her raised leg as she rests her calf on your shoulder.

This sex position provides intensified orgasm and complete satisfaction to both the sexual partners.