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02 BBWs versus skinny females: Why BBWs are preferred? Posted by: admin on 2nd February 2017

Mainstream media have always sold skinny females as the most desirable candidates for dating. However, the truth is that males cherish every kind of female—whether she is skinny or fat. Many males, it seems, enjoy when they touch curves of a big, beautiful female; the leisure of feeling a curvaceous bod is something that men miss when they are dating a scrawny female. Nevertheless, skinny females are all the rage; that is why we have written this post to ensure that dating a BBW will be among the best decisions of your life. So let us dive in.

Why should you pick a BBW as your next dater

* Love those curves and a few extra pounds of flesh to grope

Curvy females are sexier than skinny ones because they have extra flesh that makes them look prettier and more beautiful than any bag of bones. While engaging in BBW fuckbuddy dating anywhere in the world, you should just think of her extra few pounds as extra dollops of cuteness and sexiness.

* If you love a carefree female, get in touch with a BBW

If you talk about carefree attitude, then BBWs are happy-go-lucky. A chubby beauty accepts the harsh facts that life throws at her more easily than any skinny girl does. A BBW will never count calories and will love and live to the fullest—this is something that a thin girl will never do because she will be mostly conscious about everything. Plus, a BBWs not-so-fussy eating behaviour can help you plan your dates without hassles.

* A BBW likes to keep it natural—whether it is attitude or looks

When it comes to looking pretty, you can find a BBW to be extremely sensual yet simple; she will not spend countless hours sitting in front of her dressing table. Now, this behaviour of being extra conscious about looks is common in any thin girl. You will notice that a scraggy female will be highly obsessed with the way she looks, and this obsessiveness can test your patience.

* The love for food is infectious and tasty

Are you a gastronomist? If yes, then share your passion for food with a like-minded female. A BBW invariably loves food, so you can date her for missing no opportunity to eat in some of the classiest restaurants and hotels.

That is it for now, gentlemen. We have doubtless given you some of the finest dope on why you should dating a BBW fuck buddy in London rather than a thin bedmate.